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We have well over 40,000 surveys in our files.

Professional Surveying Services began business in 1991. At that time everything was computer drawn, printed to paper, and then stored in a file cabinet. As the company grew so did the number of file cabinets.
Our AutoCad files have been stored on just about every type of computer media that was standard for that time. From 5 1/4 inch floppy disk, 3 1/2 inch floppy disk, Colorado Tape Backup, and Zip Disks. Now with large capacity hard drives the task is much easier. We are in the process of transfering old files into the current system. This seems like it takes forever.
In August of 2003 Professional Surveying Services made the move and went paperless. No more rooms and rooms of file cabinets. With time we hope to transfer all the existing file cabinets into our digital system. Over the years our database files have changed. At first we filed our projects by a job number. Then in later years we filed our projects by street names.
Sincethe beginning of 1996we have done well over 30,000 surveys. You can search our records to see if we have been on your street. Start by looking for the name of your street. Then look for your address. With time we hope to add the data from 1991 thru 1996. This brings us well over the 40,000 survey mark. When choosing a surveyor experience counts.

Check to see if we have been on your street.

We have two files that you can search to see if we have been on your street. The first file shows records from 1996 thru July of 2003. The second file shows records from August of 2003 to the present. We felt it was confusing to combine the two databases. Let us know if you like this feature or not.

Search our records from 1996 thru July 2003

Search our records from Aug. 2003 thru Nov. 21, 2008


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