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Checking your legal description for errors.

Legal Descriptions
Your deed has a description of your property on it. Deeds are usually described in two ways. The first would be by a lot number of a recorded subdivision with a plat book and page reference. The second would be by coarse and distance around your property. Also known as a metes and bounds description.

With the metes and bounds description your property starts at a point and then is described by coarse and distance around your land returning to the point of beginning. If the described land does not return mathmatically to the point of beginning then you have a closure problem. You may see the bottom of your deed stamped " Survey Required with Next Transfer".

In the past and even in some area's today the county did not check for closure. Surveys aren't cheap so before you purchase property you might consider having the closure checked. We can do this for you. If you need a new description then there will need to be a Boundary Survey done. 

Checking for Closure:
When you have us check the deed for closure we will prepare a small letter size drawing showing the boundary lines on paper.  We will include the sqaure footage and the acreage of the property.  The closure table will be included next to the boundary.  You will have a nice letter size document to work with. This service runs $50 dollars and can be completed within the day.

Let us know if you have questions.

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