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If you own or purchase a number of smaller lots or parcels and then want to build a home on this property you will need to consolidate these parcels into one tract.

Consolidation of two or more parcels of land.

Most county planning departments will require you to consolidate smaller parcels of land into one parcel.  This is so the new lot will meet zoning requirements and to ensure that future transfers of this property will remain as one tract. Just as in dividing your property we will need to prepare a recordable plat and legal description for the county.

Unlike dividing your property we can usually begin this process without having to first meet you on your lot. When our title reviewer finishes the courthouse research our drafting department can begin putting the parcels together and prepareing the documents. As before we prepare area and closure calculations along with a new legal description.  Finally our survey crew will meet with you, review the documents, and then set the final property corners.

You will recongnize our survey crews

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